Walking Poles

Walking Poles

Walking as exercise has become popular in recent years. As an aerobic exercise, it is one of the best ways to lose weight, get healthy, improve heart circulation and have fun while doing it. A great aid for someone who walks for exercise are walking poles. There are many types but all have the same wonderful benefits.

Creates a Full Body Workout

Walking is a great exercise, but add a walking pole and you have a full body workout. The walking experience becomes an even better exercise due to the use of the upper body, including arms and shoulders. Many people use 2 walking poles to provide a workout for both sides of the body at the same time. This increases heart rate and breathing, providing an even more beneficial aerobic exercise. 

walking poles

Stability and Balance

Walking poles add a bit of stability to anyone using them as an aid. For those of us aging, it provides the added security and add to balance that we need. They also provide added support when walking on rough surfaces or difficult terrain. Ensure that the pole you choose has a sturdy bottom with proper plastic for gripping the surface you are walking on.

Burn More Calories

Because of the added arm and upper body motion, using a walking stick increases the amount of calories that are burned. For those who are physically active, walking at a brisker pace while using a stick adds even more to the calories burned. Who doesn’t want to burn more calories while getting beneficial exercise?

Adjustable Poles

Thinking of getting a walking pole but you are shorter than average? Had a sudden growth spurt in your teen years and now you are taller than most people? Don’t worry about finding the right length as many poles come in adjustable styles. Simply check online, or at a local sporting goods store for a proper height. It may take several tries to find the right adjustment for comfortable walking. 


How many of us have encountered an unfriendly dog on our walks? A walking pole is a great aid to provide protection from pets who are aggressive or more dangerous animals on a more deserted walking path. Experts state that, anytime a person makes themselves look bigger, and animal generally backs away. Simply lift the pole over your head, wave it and most animals will back away.

Whether young or old, new to walking as a health benefit or not, walking poles provide many advantages over going it solo. Check out various styles to find the walking pole that is right for you. As for me, I plan on purchasing a walking pole before my next mile trek!

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